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Huntsville Veterinary Hospital Services

Valley Animal Hospital & Pet Resort is a full-service state-of-the-art Animal Hospital.  We are committed to providing our clients and their pets with a complete service offering enabling them to feel secure that their pets are in good hands. Our service offering is extensive, here is a little information about each.  Should you have any questions, please give us a call! Please see the attached links on:

Ancillary Services

Do you often wonder about your mixed-breed dog’s heritage?  Valley Animal Hospital & Pet Resort will collect a sample for your submission for DNA testing that can identify your mutt’s genetic make-up.  DNA testing can provide valuable insight into your pet’s behavior and potential breed-specific health issues.

Valley Animal Hospital & Pet Resort also offers inter-state and international travel health certificates which are required on most airlines.


We will be happy to give your pet a bath and manicure/pedicure. Please call us to schedule an appointment.

Internal Medicine

Your pet has access to a full complement of veterinary medical care at Valley Animal Hospital & Pet Resort.  Should your pet require more advanced diagnostics (such as an MRI) or treatments (such as chemotherapy or orthopedic surgeries), we partner with specialists to provide the most current advancements in veterinary medicine. 

Pain Management

At Valley Animal Hospital & Pet Resort, we are dedicated to providing the most effective and safe pain management to veterinary patients.  This includes managing pain in relation to dental pain and dental surgery, general surgery and the post-operative healing period, orthopedic and neuralgic pain, arthritis pain, and hospice/end of life pain.  For more information regarding Pain Management please feel free to ask our Veterinary Technicians or Veterinarian.


We utilize Ultrasonography to diagnose diseases not readily seen on xray's or palpated on physical exam.  We have trained staff that interpret images as well as specialist available 24x7 to provide consultations of images.


Radio-graphs, or "x-rays," are one of the most useful tests when it comes to diagnosing your pet's problems with their healthy. They can be used to identify orthopedic abnormalities, internal organ problems, and identify degrees of heart disease. The radiographs are then transmitted to Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging  where the are analyzed by board certified radiology specialist, when necessary.  If your pet needs to be screened for hip or elbow dysplasia, radio-graphs can be sent to the Orthopedic Foundation for animals for certification.